V-Day Special: Blind Date with a Book

We came across this blogpost on taking a book on a date, and thought it was a great idea! Definitely miles better than the pomp, pink and pressure that has become the spectacle called Valentine’s Day. Even if Valentine’s Day is just a celebration of love, do we need a designated day for it? Does the planet need more plastic heart-shaped balloons? We clearly are quite opinionated about this, but for now, let’s move on to pretty things that we do love, all-year-round: Books.

This is how Blind Date with a Book works: We have below a list of plot triggers – one sentence long; no spoilers; just enough to entice you to go out with the tome. Click on the description that appeals the most to you, and viola! you have a date!

Heavily ‘toked’ book on the look-out for an imaginative reader who can accept its genius.

Hot off the press, historical fiction seeks reader who can time-travel to the days of the Raj to listen to the story of the marginalised voices of Deccan.

Date with the Devil more your style? This intercontinental novel wants a reader to take to the exorcism!

Well-built hardback seeks company. Anyone with a keen sense of history and taste for good prose accepted.

Fun, social-media savvy book looks for an Instagram-buddy reader. Knowledge of trending hashtags earns the applicant brownie points.

Mythological giant on the hunt for a fearless companion to take to the abode of the gods.

Memoir with hilarious family stories and scrumptious recipes seeks a food-loving reader. Vegetarians and non-vegetarians accepted.

Wanted: reader for the story of a young feminist who questions patriarchy and privilege in the most natural way possible.

Does a movie-date with the ultimate guide to Bollywood cinema sound appealing?

So book a table at your favourite restaurant, and dress as fancy or as frumpy as you want – this date won’t mind!



Featured image via This is Sour Bliss


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