Agent’s Update

As bankers and business people and Urvi (our Agency Manager) go berserk with accounts, tax returns and squiggly number things that don’t make sense to the rest of us, we thought we’d give you an update from the agent’s desk. We had three very different writers join our list recently, and here’s a peek into … Continue reading Agent’s Update

Book Excerpt: The Pomegranate Pink Silk Sari

The hours billowed into late afternoon. Everyone was in a terrific mood, including Dharma. The biriyani was excellent. There was just one instance where Allarmelu and Kanna cried as Dharma teased them that it wasn’t goat meat they were relishing in the biriyani, but the peacock from the garden. He had to work hard at … Continue reading Book Excerpt: The Pomegranate Pink Silk Sari